Dr Keith Larsen

Dr Larsen is a GP with over 30 years standing and has vast experience in all aspects of General Practice. His specialities include Paediatrics, Thyroid Disease, Asthma and Geriatrics. 

Dr Larsen works Tuesday to Friday 8am to 1pm

Dr Kamini Richards

Dr Richards is our female doctor and has been in our Practice for over 25 years. She is vocationally registered and covers all aspects of General Practice. She has special interests in women's health.
Dr Richards works Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am to 1.30pm

Dr Matthew McLean

Dr McLean is a Fellow of the RACGP and has been working in Brisbane since 2006. He joined our Practice in 2013. He is interested in all aspects of General Practice and forming long-term doctor-patient relationships.

Dr McLean works Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

Dr Phillip Nyst

Dr Phillip Nyst is a vocationally registered GP who has been in practice since 1979. Dr Nyst has specific interests in minor surgical procedures, sports medicine and Psychiatry. 

Dr Philip Nyst works Monday & Thursdays only 2pm to 5pm

Dr Malcolm Nyst

Dr Malcolm Nyst is a GP who has been involved with the Practice since 1979. He has vast experience in all aspects of General Practice. 

Dr Malcolm Nyst works Tuesdays only 2pm to 5pm.